Cutting edge technology for new Cutty Sark interpretation


As visitors flock to the re-opened Cutty Sark in Greenwich they will experience the culmination of a 5 year exhibition design project by Designmap and Barry Mazur for the iconic clipper ship.

A high profile and challenging project, it has been an unparrelled experience for the team involved. Their overiding consideration has been to respect the historic structure; to tell the stories from its 143 year history without detracting in any way from the beauty of the ship’s lines.

‘We wanted to make the ship speak, to find the voice of Cutty Sark,’ said Designmap Creative Director, Daniel Sutton. ‘On board visitors hear the sounds of Cutty Sark being built in the Dumbarton ship yard then sailing to Shanghai, see the shadows of the Stevedores loading tea, meet Nannie - the ship’s figurehead - and find the ghosts of the ship’s crew in the deck houses.’

Cutty Sark was the zenith of sailing ship design in her day, so it is fitting that the interpretation should utilise the best and latest technology available. Unusually for an exhibition design firm, Designmap designed and produced the audio-visual and digital interactive content in-house, as well as the 3D and graphic design.

2-CuttySarkDesignmap also developed a Smartphone App which enables the visitor to peel back the layers of the ship’s hull to reveal its structure. The App provides on site and remote access to a range of video, graphic and interactive content.



Images © Designmap / Cutty Sark