Titanic Belfast: The Interactive Exhibits - by Damien Smith, Creative Partner, ISO


Damien Smith, Creative Partner of ISO, on the series of 20 Media and Interactive exhibits they developed for Titanic Belfast.

Working alongside the design team at Event Communications the ISO interactives look to bring a fresh perspective to one of the most familiar and mythologised stories in modern history. Included amongst these are:

‘The Cave’ utilizes three syncronised CGI cameras to create a high definition immersive video environment, usually only seen in the worlds of scientific visualisation, to take visitors on a tour of the ship from engine room up to the navigation decks. Each space was carefully recreated with extensive research, utilising archive photography, original plans and 3D reference models.

TitanicBelfastInteractives‘Immersive Drawing board’ is a projection gallery where sketches, technical drawings and production templates wash over the audience as large projected images running the length of the floor and end wall. Using infra-red cameras and bespoke motion tracking software we enable visitors to unlock animations, additional layers of information and storylines.  




‘Popular Culture’ is a multiuser touch sensitive plinth that visitors use to select media from the hundreds of examples of films, documentaries, songs, novels and radio inspired by the event. A large projection wall synced to the plinth presents a selection of the best of these whilst the individual items flow from one end of the plinth to the other via fluid simulation code; the media is then triggered by simply tapping them as they float past.

The Titanic story is one of the modern world’s first great media events and one from which relatively few physical assets have been recovered. By using the best of today’s production techniques we hope the events of 100 years ago remain as real and dramatic to today’s audience as they were to the observers in April 1912 .

Damien Smith is Creative Partner of ISO design

Images © Event Communications / Titanic Belfast