Interactive Galleries: digital technology, handheld interpretation and online experiences

Edited by Gregory Chamberlain


Looking at the latest inspirational ideas and with a focus on the future, this indispensable collection of essays from respected professionals in high-profile museums explores the use of digital technology, handheld interpretation, and online experiences for museums.  

With high expectations from the public and new found confidence from professionals, the use of digital technology and handheld interpretation can add depth, atmosphere and energy to the 21st Century museum experience.

Packed with insights and ideas and with in-depth case studies from leading institutions in the UK and North America, this is a much-have publication which showcases the latest fresh and innovative approaches to digital technology, new media, and handheld interpretation in museums.

"An invaluable guide for any museum...superb real-world examples of innovation in action"
Hugh Wallace, National Museums Scotland

"This volume will help you navigate the exciting space between what is possible,
what is feasible, and what will work for your audience"
Kathy Jaller, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

Contributing authors include:
• Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum, London
• Ailsa Barry, Head of Interactive Media, Natural History Museum, London
• Matthew Cock, Head of Web, The British Museum
• Ryan Doherty, Multimedia Production Manager, The British Library
• Andrea Easey, Interpretation Editor, National Portrait Gallery
• Silvia Filippini Fantoni, Lecturer, University Paris I - Sorbonne
• Elena Lagoudi, Head of Information, The National Gallery
• Nancy Proctor, Head of New Media, Smithsonian Museum
• Tessa Quinn, Head of New Media Services, National Galleries of Scotland
• Charlotte Sexton, Head of New Media, The National Gallery
• Richard Williams, ICT Manager, Kelvingrove New Century Project, Glasgow Museums

Publication information
Title: Interactive Galleries: digital technology, handheld interpretation and new media
Editor: Gregory Chamberlain
Author: various
Cost: £19.95 (+ £5 shipping)
Published: April 2011
Publisher: Museum Identity